Recent Firm Successes

Bernstein Law Firm client successes:

  • Won approval for the transfer of judgment debtor’s assets which resulted in the sale of ten separate parcels of real estate, garnered a $1.5M cash distribution, and resulted in the dismissal of eleven separate lawsuits over the opposition of both the court-appointed receiver and the judgment creditor.
  • Retained by real estate developer nearly six months after order of foreclosure and personal judgment of $1.4 million against him and his development entity. Filed motion to vacate order of summary judgment and nearly one year after order entered, both foreclosure order and entire $1.4 million judgment vacated.
  • We entered a case after two years of contentious litigation and convinced the insurance carrier and co-defendant to pay 100 percent of damages to dismiss case. Our client did not contribute one penny towards the settlement. Enabled our real estate client to finally sell its property. The insurance carrier paid our client’s fees.
  • Removed liens totaling six figures, and assessed damages against contractor, after filing litigation over flawed construction.
  • Quashed attempts by opponent to enforce four Citations to Discover Assets in excess of $1,700,000.
  • Recovered $645,000 seized in Arizona that was illegally taken in Illinois in an elaborate elder abuse scam, as featured by Stephanie Zimmerman in the Chicago Sun-Times.
  • Vacated two judgments totaling more than $1,000,000 against our client, shortly after filing appearance in acrimonious years-long dispute.
  • Prevented three attempts by bank to appropriate and control private corporation via a court-appointed Receiver.
  • Obtained reversal of Cook County Circuit Court civil contempt purge judgment in the First District Appellate Court.
  • Managed collection proceedings in Cook County’s largest mortgage foreclosure on behalf of the judgment debtors without a single asset sold in more than two years of litigation.